Thursday, 20 November 2014

The voice of a Student.

In the Southport Champions 46th issue dated the 12th November, the words "Parents in call for KGV chiefs to step down" are splashed across the page. I am a student at KGV in my second year and recently the college received an "Inadequate" report from school inspectors "Ofsted". But my problem with these allocations that the college is not up to scratch isn't that it's being publicly announced in every local newspaper or the concerned questions I get from previous friends who attend other sixth form colleges, MY problem is where are the student's of KGV's voices? Ofsted have had their turn at giving their opinion. As have the parents, whom without I wouldn't be reading about the possible closure on a newspaper front page. But I have not seen any responses or opinions from the students who are being affected the most, which is what this whole predicament is all about.

My first year at KGV was different to the one I'm experiencing now. I had three different teachers all of whom loved their jobs and were passionate about their subjects. And where are they now? Two of them have been made redundant and are teaching students at Runshaw College what they could have been teaching us students at KGV. These teacher's taught me English and Sociology and I know that students who are doing other subjects will agree with me when I say that they miss their old teachers.They gave me time when I needed it. They were friendly. They worked on the relationships with their students as well as helping them with work. I became friends with my teachers. And because I put the effort in and because I felt like I had support, I did rather well in my AS year. But now, although I have been lucky and still have teachers who are professionals in the subjects they teach me, I sometimes have one lesson a day because my Media teacher is the only Media and Film teacher and is having to go back and forth to Edge Hill University to do some further teaching. My drama teacher is the only one left who has to support second and first year drama students whilst also holding together a performing arts class and sorting out college production. And as for my English teacher, I see him once a week for half an hour and haven't had a real English lesson since September. All because these teachers have been restricted of time whilst I seem to have more than all the time I need that isn't being filled with learning.

Now here's me, a student who really cares about my education and works hard to get good grades so I can get the best experience I can at University. But what about the other students who perhaps aren't as passionate as I am? Who struggle to get good grades and need more help than I do? Who makes time for them? Last year my teachers would offer the help, they would ask if we need help, but now we have to go on a treasure hunt to track down a teacher to help us or explain why we didn't do well on a particular homework.

So in this article, there is a line which reads "standards of teaching, learning and student progress [are] deteriorating". But as a student attending the college every day and actually seeing what happens behind classroom doors I can say that I am very happy with my teachers, I just don't see enough of them because they're so busy juggling other classes that should be taught by other teachers in the same field of teaching.

So sure, get rid of the principal and Chair of Govenors, but I ask as one of the students at this "deteriorating" college, that used to hold so much promise, that my older sister, who is now studying Sociology at Durham University described as two of the best years of her life (before she went to University), that the people in charge take better care of the teachers, because they really do impact on us students. That they give us students the opportunity to have a say in the big changes that are made in the College. That we are asked if we want a big creative arts building to be built if it means that we lose our favourite teachers, especially as now we don't have the teachers, students or subjects to fill the building. And most predominantly, that we are given a voice and that you actually mean it when you say "the students are at the heart of what we do". And this doesn't just apply to my college, students should have more of a say in what happens at their colleges as it's them that are being affected.

Friday, 10 October 2014

"Because I am a Girl"

I just want to wish Malala an enormous congratulations as it has been announced that she has won the 2014 Nobel Prize.

She is setting such a beautiful example for us girls. Don't you think?

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Rest In Peace

I was deeply saddened to read the news this morning and find this. Let us remember Henning the for selfless man that he was and what he tried to do in this world. I refuse to watch the video as I hope you all do because it is giving the IS power over us that they do not deserve.

Rest in Peace you beautiful person.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


So. I was in a pretty sentimental mood and felt a creative outburst brewing - which is usually when I feel like writing something down. So I grabbed my pen and paper and this is what appeared!

I see wide open space.
Fresh air.
The kind of fresh that beholds an assortment of familiar smells.
Spring water.
Fresh freshly cut grass.
Moss growing of trees that have seen so many things.
The blood on a sword with the sweat from the occupant still lingering on its hilt.
It’s engraved there.
Cemented in place.
The battle which took place in order to gain that freedom.
The determined souls that fought so passionately,
and slaved away for beyond what is imaginable,
that gained the sweet blissful freedom.
Being on your own.
Not necessarily alone,
but alone in the sense that your mind is free to expand,
The blissful and absolute finality of freedom.
The inevitable escape from life.
The escape from bills,
the media,
Being able to do as you want,
when you want,
be who you want,
how you want,
where you want without anything holding you back.
The freedom to call yourself your own .
To not be owned.
To not owe unto others.
To not own other things.
Freedom is to just simply... be.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

"If not you, who? If not now, when?" - Emma Watson

Those who say sexism isn't relevant anymore... are the reason it still exists.
For those who consider Feminism as an act of hate against men... they don't understand the definition. For those of you who think Feminism is only about Women's rights, perhaps because the word has "Feminine" written across it, men are just as oppressed as women are.
As Watson so bravely and perfectly demonstrates; forget the word if it instantly puts you off, but focus on the idea behind it.
The passion and importance of it.
It sickens me to my core that if we do nothing now, women still won't be paid equally as men in 75 years from now.
75 years.
Women aren't given some jobs because they may have to leave to have a family... the most natural thing.
I need feminism because in men's public toilets they don't have baby changing facilities.
And more predominantly, there isn't ONE SINGLE country that can proudly say that their country is one of gender equality.
I hope that the males who watched Emma Watson's outstanding speech agree that they do not want to live in a world where women and men can't coexist without conforming to the stereotypes and the labelling and the gender roles.

Please. Support the He For She campaign in anyway you can. You're not just supporting the rights for women, you're supporting equal rights for all.

Watch Emma Watson's speech here"